Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cat Lady.

The irony is that I am actually much more of a dog lady than a cat one. I just love things with cats on! They are pretty funny. This top has lead to many conversations with strangers, in fact on this day I was stopped by a woman who thought her 8-year old niece would love it. Not sure what that says about my choice in clothes but I am sure my 8-year old goddaughter would love it too! Probably the jelly sandals too..

Things had dwindeld over in this corner of the internet, but I am back ready to make a good go of it. I have just returned from London and I must confess that I am struggling to switch from winter to summer dressing. I keep wanting to add tights and jackets and have to remind myself that is not appropriate in 30 degrees!

Skirt & T-shirt: Topshop
Sunglasses: Komono
Sandals: Jelly Beans  

A little blurry of me that last one, but gives you a glimpse of the view I have to live with. Just terrible.

Happy weekend all!

Freya x

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