Monday, 4 February 2013

Country Life.

Today, I am taking you with me on a walk in the countryside of Herefordshire. We were blessed to have such a beautiful sunny day, which you England people will know is a rarity! This walk was full of family, love and laughter. Enjoy!

This is my beautiful and wonderful dog, Tilly. I am of course am wearing a deerstalker (a sherlock hat). When in the country...

However much I love London, sometimes I just need to get out of the city and take in these beautiful surroundings.

We met this man training his hunting dogs, which turns out is a rather complicated process featuring a multitude of varying whistles. The little boy was an adorable miniature version of his father complete with stick. The perfect little English country gentleman!

Pip, our charming lion-dog.

Yes, there is lots of mud..

This sight made us giggle. It looks as though a child has been swallowed by the tree. Could that sound like a plot from Roald Dahl book possibly?


  1. Oh such gorgeous photos! The English countryside is so picturesque, those landscape shots are lovely :)

  2. Such stunning English scenery<3 Right out of a Hunter wellies ad campaign!

    Greta xoxo